Although, I always put my family first, but friends would always be the second. It shows how important friends are to me. After 26 years, I’ve been collecting quite a number of friends ranging from just acquaintances to best-friends. It’s undeniable that some are more important and influential than the others, but I always take friendships seriously no matter what level the friendship is.

Thing about friendship is, it is defined and sculptured by time. Time always be the main catalyst in defining and sculpturing the image of the friendship that we built. Over time, friendships can change into something so special and worth treasuring, or it could go the opposite; dark, dirty  and worthless.

Over time, level of friendship of friends could move in whichever direction alongside the continuum or it could remain at the same spot. For example; an ordinary friend could stay as just an ordinary friend, or he/she could be my best-friend or my worst enemy, after 10 years. It shows how time defines the friendships. Look can always be deceiving. That’s the reason why we cant actually put where a friend should stand on that continuum at the early stage of a friendship because most people don’t show their true colours to someone they just met/knew. Only after sometimes, their true colours would be revealed, either accidentally or purposely. Then only we know what kind of friends they are and where they should stand.