ok ok fine i’ve delayed that 30–day challenge. Im still stuck at day 6! darn. been busy with stuff, really. lol. or was it just another lame excuse for not upating. like seriously, it gets really hard to update once u stop for months. tend to face writer’s block all the way in writing a single entry. hence, no update! 

neway, talking about my holiday.. i think i am trying to enjoy it to the max. tho it gets really boring sometimes, but i think i should be grateful for having this long holiday luxury! not that everyone can have it. most of my friends are whining about not having enough holiday la.. dah abes cuti tahunan la.. hehe pity them really. but that’s the kind of life fact that one should accept. u get less in something, but u get more in other things. u cant always have everything the way you want it to be.

so what do i do with my holiday?

1. im on a really tight budget at the moment. after the transfer, i only receive the basic pay which is not that much. enough to pay bills and makan je!

2. so, based on my current financial situation, i couldnt afford to travel overseas like i used to do previously. so i stick in travelling in malaysia, which is also quite costly; fuels and tolls.

3. been travelling back and forth from kemaman – kuantan – kuala lumpur – kuantan – kemaman  for weddings and dating! a lot of weddings but only one date so far. hope it could be more “dates” with that someone later in near future as i really really reallllllly like you! *if u r reading this*

4. Yup, as i said just now. I spend most of my weekends attending weddings; friends and relatives’ weddings. People choose to get married during this school break for god knows why! and apparently, most of my friends are getting married this year! maybe it’s time! haha and talking bout weddings, so far, i’ve been invited to more than 25 weddings, which the last wedding i was invited would be held in June 2011. lol. that’s kinda lama lagi kan..?

5. Besides wedding, i spend my time doing baby-sitting to my nieces and nephews. My sisters are all busy working adults. travelling a lot and what left are their babies at my parents place. haha.. so me having nothing to do, and being a nice uncle, do baby-sitting lah! but i kinda enjoy it tho! i love kids. and hope kids love me too!

6. Oh i am also my sis’ chauffer! haha.. if she is lazy to drive for a day meeting, i would be called up and hired to be her driver lah. i would offer myself if she has meeting in KL so that i could plan on meeting you again *if only u read this*. sambil menyelam sambil minum air, as how the malay proverb sounds like! hahaha and being a driver, she insisted me to follow her to JB from 15–17 Dec and Penang from 27–29 Dec. Seems like ad-hoc unplanned holiday are rested upon me, but somehow i kinda like it!

7. Other than that, i do normal routine. Being an adult, i do go out lepaking with friends. Usually i just go out in the evening around 5.30 to Hai Peng Kopitiam for a cup of coffee or two. Then at nite, around 10pm, another round of coffee and loud borak2 session with mates at Kemaman Station! Kalau rajin, i would drive up to Kuantan to lepak2, but not that often lah…

8. I would just stay at home if i have nothing interesting to do, or just to save up some money. I would just stay in my bed get online, reading blogs and online papers and tabloids and gossip pages and etc. Then i fill up my stomach till it is fully filled and tak bleh bernafas kekenyangan. Go back to my room. Either online or tido! Not a healthy lifestyle i lead. Arghhh!!


So thats about it really!
Au revoirs!


p/s: bila kita nk date lg! i takut nk sms u, sbb u tak suka reply!