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Monthly Archives: November 2010

I blogwalked to one of my besties’ blog, Nisa K.’s Coffee Cart. and she posted a list of things to do in 30 days. I got so interested, so i think im going to do it too. Plenty of time to spare during this school hols, at least i could kill the time. lol. So here’s the list;


Gotta keep me sane too.



Hey guys. Just a quick update!

poyo! haha

It was totally unexpected. U guys are so sweet to be wishing me all the best wishes for my birthday. I didnt expect to receive so many phone calls, text messages, and messages on my facebook wall. it’s sooo crazeee im telling you. really crazy!

So here, in the humblest way possible, i sincerely would like to thank you guys for taking all the troubles to wish me happy birthday. it means a lot to me. you guys really know how to touch my heart, and make me feel like crying! haha  So thanks again for everything. Im not gonna list out the names here like i did last year, but im sure you know who you are.
Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider – The only exception!


p/s: love you all.


OMG im getting a year older tomorrow. I didnt expect that i would live this long, but yeah i feel grateful to be alive still and hope that it’ll last for at least another 50 years..? That’d be great!

Anyway, i dont really celebrate birthday. Never had a proper birthday party when i was a kid. Im not sure whether this is a sad fact or what, but for me, it’s doesnt really matter. I started celebrating only after i got my ass off into ipba, and started to celebrate it since. Tho it’s fun to celebrate, but it’s fine if i dont get to. Again, it doesnt really matter.

Altho celebrating birthday isnt really my cuppa tea, but i do appreciate myself. I do buy birthday pressies on my birthday for myself. So here’s the wishlist for my birthday, but it seems like im not gonna get any of these exactly on my birthday, but hey its free to dream rite?; 😛

1. A Blackberry – both of my loyal phones have started to show problems. I love em, really. But i need to get a new one as i often having troubles with those 2. I used to say it’s such a cliche to own a bb, but it seems like i have to jump into the wagon as well as im really into it now. what a beauty, this new bb.


so, happy 25th birthday to myself. anyone kind enough to make my wishlist comes true? 😛


School holiday has started. A very long holiday in fact. I’ve enjoyed the very first few days, now i just dont know what to do anymore.

So far i havent had any plan to travel out of Malaysia yet. I promised myself to travel overseas but i failed to plan earlier. I guess it’s too late to plan now and i dont think i could afford to just go anywhere i like at the very last minute. The cost would be hiking up double or triple the price if i make early bookings and all. Well, i can always cuti-cuti Malaysia kan..? Who knows i might be knocking your door!

Well, tho travelling is out of the list now but i have other options to kill the ample time i have. One of em is attending WEDDINGS. hahah. so far i have received not less than 20 wedding invitations. the weddings of my friends, acquintances, friends of friends and etc. Pening kepala oh. Especially when there are 2 or 3 weddings on the same date, and to make it worst; one is in terengganu, the others in kuala lumpur and johor bahru. Gila kalau nk pegi semua. I have to admit that i cannot go to all. Thanks for inviting tho. I would go if i could. If i couldnt, please no heart feelings ok!

my primary school best mate, Ahmad Syahidi and his wife ( 27th Nov 2010)

So to those who are getting married soon, congratulations! I hope that the wedding would run smoothly without any glitches. And to the brides and grooms, remember that wedding is not just to ‘menghalalkan apa yg haram’, but it’s a huge responsibility that you have to try to do the best you can. May the wedding would be a starting point of many great things for you. God bless you all.

and oh, please dont ask me when i want to get married, coz i dont have the answer!