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Monthly Archives: December 2009

ola to all.

still in holiday mode. so im not really into writing at the moment. but somehow, i got things to tell u. the unfortunate events that cost me more bucks and time wasted. and the story goes like this;

1. i was supposed to go to bangkok on the 10th of december.

2. so i got to the airport early in the morning, hoping that it’s gonna be a smooth day for me.

3. so around 9++ am, i went to the self check-in kiosk, and tried to check myself in for the booked flite. it worked perfectly ok.

4. i was so happy that so far everything went well.

5. so i decided to drop off my luggage around 10 ++ am.

6. and this is where all the nightmares started.

7. the staff didnt allow me to check my luggage in as my passport was expiring less than 6 months.

8. i was so farked up! i didnt realised it. in fact i didnt know tht i could not travel if my passport is expiring less than 6 months than the expiry date. so i thot, what’s the point of having the expiry date..??!

9. lucky that the staff there was being helpful. she asked me to go to renew my passport in putrajaya, and she try to put me in the next flight if i couldnt manage to board my booked flight. she, even, forwarded my name to board thai airways as the next flight were fully booked. so the last flite to catch was at 1.30. at the time at my watch was 10.15am. but i did asked them to keep my returning ticket.

10. i thot i cud make it before 12. so i go and get the taxi that cost me like 60++ to putrajaya. as i reached the place, it was really crowded and there wasnt any place for me to make copies of my ID and take my picture. Mind u, i didnt expect this to happen, so i was unprepared.

11. i decided to catch another taxi to pusat bandar damansara. since everything was there, it’d b easier. and the time was running so fast that i reached damansara around 11.25am. i know i cudnt make it for my 12.25 flight.

12. i got myself photographed in express mode and made some copies of my ID and stuff. got up to the Immigration Office and get my turn slip. The running number was 3245 and i got 3589. u do the math and count how many people in front of me..? it definitely gonna take ages.

13. so i was devastated… and pasrah at the same time.

14. so i called my friend to ease up a bit of my emotional downturns. and i didnt know that my call, was a lucky call for me. he said he has a friend there.

15. so he called up his friend and explained my situation. and his friend agreed to help me renewing my passport immediately. a bad day, still a bad day. during the process of renewing, they couldnt read my ID, sp i had to make a new ID card. like WTF. lucky that there’s no one in JPN that afternoon, and the office was just next door. 

16. around 1.45pm, everything settled. but i was out of luck. didnt manage to catch the 1.30 flite. so i went to kl sentral and board a bus str8 to lcct to find the cheapest flite to bangkok on the same day. reached lcct around 4++, and got myself a single ticket to BKK that cost me more than my return tickets that i bought previously.

17. and i got myself a huge blow to my pocket. and to my head as well as my migraine started to kick in just after i bought the ticket. i bet i had to continue my journey to bangkok as i need a holiday for myself, after a long year of hard work, failed relationships, emotional matters etc etc.

18. So i reached BKK safely at 7.45pm local time.

Phew.. so that’s what happened.


p/s: there’s a way if there’s a will