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Monthly Archives: July 2009

* back-dated entry

coz for us (from boyz to men to brothers), each ending usually ends with ‘see u again soon’. and that’s what we always hold on to. and after being parted for the past 6 months trying to start our new life, we decided to meet again. this time around, the reunion, for me, was indeed a special one. it’s more of celebrating our relationship that has been going on since the first day we registered ourselves in the college. then, it started to build up to something more special that just coursemates, housemates or roomates. we are proud to say that we are friends and brothers despite the fact that we are from different background; family, race and religion.

throughout the college years, we have stood to each other no matter what. it’s undeniable that there were times when we were not in snych with each other. we had differences. but we managed to bridge those differences and accepted them. that what makes us bonded really well. altho we have different characters, but we are very open minded. everything else, doesnt matter anymore.

so here I would like to share some photos during our reunion at the Italiannies at the garden. A very nice restaurant for fine dining. It was a great dinner. Unfortunately I was really ill that nite and wasnt able to stay for long. Im sure some of u might have seen the photos i uploaded on Facebook, or might have seen it at Jarod’s blog, but to those who havent, here you are…


“two”?? haha it supposed to be From Boys to Men to Brothers Reunion. LOL

the brothers. well, some of us.



the ones who showed up. too bad not all were able to attend.


this charming guy drove all the way from JB for the dinner. auwww


US. haha sorry i ruined the picture. i wasnt smiling at all… Tioman next!