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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Lately, everything seems to depress me. I dont know why, but it seems like im lost in my own mind. perhaps i am thinking too much about negative things that happened around me lately. Im a bit of a thinker. I cant help myself to think, even over small things. I know, it’s bad too dwell into those negative things, but i just cant help it.. as a result, im really really depressed. haha 😛 an when im depressed, i think of my family. but we are ocean apart, and im homesick! it makes me cry like a baby.. oh darn it! hehe

neway, my parents flew off to mecca to perform their umrah yesterday. im happy for them coz they have been longing to go there for a very long time now. but, im pretty sad coz i couldnt send them off. all my family members were there at the airport, but me. what more can be so frustating than that..? and im stuck here in this kampung with no mobile coverage. sux big time. lucky the internet is ok now. and i could get to know my parents’ being chatting with my sis. *frustated* *demotivated* *homesick*. despite all these negative feelings, im hoping that they will do just fine over there and will perform their umrah perfectly.

i knew that it’s gonna be hard for me to call them once i get back to beluran, so i called them a few times during the weekend. and my mom was like “abe ado masalah ko..?” after receiving a few continuous calls from me. sape yang tak pelik, tak pernah2 aku buat macam tu.. hahaha.. and jus before i hang up, i did ask my mom to pray for my safety and success. i did ask her to pray that i will be a better muslim too…

arghh writing this entry makes me feel homesick again. i better stop! daaa… ~


since i was a small kid, school holiday is always the time for people to get married. and up until now, the trend is still unchanged and im sure it will not be changing soon. but previously, i just went to some relatives’ weddings, but now, im attending my friends’. the same age as me, but already married or getting married. not that i envy them really. but it’s something that i find rather interesting and amusing at the same time. how come they wanna get married so soon, when im still struggling to stabilise my own life. haha.. still a bit too unstable to actually share the life with someone else. lol.

neway. here i would like to congratulate a few friends of mine who got married during the school holiday. im sorry for not being able to attend your wedding as i was really tide up by time. too many things/events to do at a very limited of time. really couldnt manage my time well. thus i cudnt not attend your weddings altho i did receive ur invitations. it is something that i regret, and im truly sorry.

so, to dearest;

Soya and Najeeb – Selamat Pengantin Baru. Hope u will be able to share ur lifetime together forever without much disturbance. Remember, marriage is not always a smooth sailing journey. there’ll be time when thunders and hurricanes strike. but if u believe that ur love towards each other is true, then u r strong enuff to face all those. gud luck in that. and have fun having a long honeymoon in Pulau Tioman. damn. im jealous now. hahaha

Hafiz and Asmah – ooo man, i can believe tht u guys are already married. and now boleh la korang menaiki kereta bersama coz u r legally married. hahah congratz to both of u. again, im very sorry that i cudnt attend ur wedding. the date was too close to my sis’ wedding. neway im sure gonna meet u guys here in kota kinabalu soon. not sure. maybe next week. together with a few others kot. ape2 pon, congratz again. jaga asmah elok2. and asmah, jaga hafiz elok2… u made it thru the tests all these while. 6 years being together as a couple is really an achievement. what makes it more special is that it ends with a marriage. you guys rock!! moga cepat2 dapat baby. 😛 bha, kalau ko dh kawin sama org saba, ko duduk sia sini, jangan pindah2 bha. hahaha

so far, no more invitation received. but im sure, there’ll be more soon. dont forget to send me invitation ok. next time, i’ll try to plan my time so that i can go to your weddings.

and last but not least, dont ask when im getting married, because i, myself, not sure when.. hahaha.. been harrased a lot by my uncles and aunts during my sis’ wedding. nosy people. lol