i forgot to tell u, my readers, that i have a new family member. im sure those on facebook might know about this. but no harm telling others who dont know rite..? hahaha.. well, im too proud of it just to keep it to myself. so now im sharing with u. my pride and joy, SAA2397X.



hehe.. been interested in this car since the first time i saw it in my college compound late last year. and at that time i was driving my loyal Kelisa. being a student, i couldnt really afford it. so i just put it in the list of cars i wanna buy once i start working. since im working now, so i thot, why not?! thus, i made my booking 3 weeks ago and got the car last week. didnt have to wait for long really…

at first i was at a crossroad. either taking myvi or vios. since i could afford both, so it was very hard to make a decision. but after taking a few days to consider everything, i made up my mind to take myvi instead of vios. y?

1. i prefer driving compact car. maybe because im used to driving my kelisa.

2. price – it is slightly cheaper. well it isnt that cheap as i took the SE full spec. plus with shorter loan duration, monthly is pretty costly, but still, it’s cheaper compared to vios.

3. spare parts – heard that vios’ spare parts are pretty expensive. haha not that im a cheapskate looking for cheap stuff, but why pay more?!

4. status – im single with no children.. i dont need big cars. and im living in a jungle. sayang mau bawak masuk vios. 😛

5. appearance – i like the look of myvi more. sporty! and striking of course.

6. and a few other details…

i dont know whether im lucky or what, but it seems like the road condition going to my school is getting better by days. roads are being repaired at the moment. so i guess, it shud be easier to get in now, compared to the first i got here. thank God!

so yeah, that’s my ride. what about u..?