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Monthly Archives: April 2009

wah… dh lame tak main tag2 nie.. and thanks kepada si Ken sbb sudi tag aku. sudi ke..? or sbb saje nk kenakan aku ek..? hahaha… so nah buat kamu.. harap puas hati!

So, what u have to do are:

1) “Printscreen” your current desktop/laptop wallpaper! no editing… not cool!
2) Give reason(s) or explain..
3) and dont forget to tag 5 peeps.. at least!

Gud Luck


Current wallpaper


Baru je tukar wallpaper tu actually. before this gambar ngn minah2 jepun time international nite time study dolu2. pastu semalam, while printing test paper untuk students, tetibe rindu kat kete baru aku lak 😛 lagipon dh lama tak tuka wallpaper baru. so, aku edit la the only pic of my car dalam simpanan aku. pastu jadik la wallpaper nih. and what i like about the wallpaper is that, die nampak cool dr dekat maopon jauh.. tak sakit mata la pendek kata. plus, sah2 la ilang rindu aku kat kete aku tuhhh.. and usually aku mmg akan letak aku nye blog add kat each wallpaper yg aku buat. so this one pon tak ketinggalan. just aku nye style kot. takde niat nk promote blog sendirik pon..

Kalau boleh aku takmo la tag sesape, sbb aku pon tatau sape yg suka buat tag n sape yg tak suka. kang kalau aku tag, dorg takmo buat plak.. tp for the sake of meeting the criteria, so aku dengan berbesar hatinya meng ‘tag’:

Idzrul Aizat
Kimimaro yg nk kawen

and sesape je la yg terasa macam nk buat ni!


p/s: takde niat nak show off kete ke ape.. kebetulan plak!


i forgot to tell u, my readers, that i have a new family member. im sure those on facebook might know about this. but no harm telling others who dont know rite..? hahaha.. well, im too proud of it just to keep it to myself. so now im sharing with u. my pride and joy, SAA2397X.



hehe.. been interested in this car since the first time i saw it in my college compound late last year. and at that time i was driving my loyal Kelisa. being a student, i couldnt really afford it. so i just put it in the list of cars i wanna buy once i start working. since im working now, so i thot, why not?! thus, i made my booking 3 weeks ago and got the car last week. didnt have to wait for long really…

at first i was at a crossroad. either taking myvi or vios. since i could afford both, so it was very hard to make a decision. but after taking a few days to consider everything, i made up my mind to take myvi instead of vios. y?

1. i prefer driving compact car. maybe because im used to driving my kelisa.

2. price – it is slightly cheaper. well it isnt that cheap as i took the SE full spec. plus with shorter loan duration, monthly is pretty costly, but still, it’s cheaper compared to vios.

3. spare parts – heard that vios’ spare parts are pretty expensive. haha not that im a cheapskate looking for cheap stuff, but why pay more?!

4. status – im single with no children.. i dont need big cars. and im living in a jungle. sayang mau bawak masuk vios. 😛

5. appearance – i like the look of myvi more. sporty! and striking of course.

6. and a few other details…

i dont know whether im lucky or what, but it seems like the road condition going to my school is getting better by days. roads are being repaired at the moment. so i guess, it shud be easier to get in now, compared to the first i got here. thank God!

so yeah, that’s my ride. what about u..?



hmm exactly 2 weeks since the last time i’ve updated my blog. well, i got a few entries i wrote half-way and then stopped just because i was lost in metacogniting process. I hate when that happened. I got a bucket of unfinished entries which i dont know when im going to look at them again and finish them up. good news, internet in school is getting better,and we even have wifi now (using a router and school’s internet). therefore, i dont have to go down to the scary computer lab at nite anymore.. yeahoo!

and these 2 weeks, i’ve been thinking about someone so much. someone that, until this point of time, i couldnt define my feelings towards this person. like, love or just lust! but if it’s just another lusty crush, it shud have faded away since it’s been going on for a long time now. my feeling is getting stronger by day. i cud feel that it’s filling all the empty spaces in me, bit by bit. sometimes it makes me smile, frown, anxious, excited and the list continues. im pretty sure that im falling for someone again.

but deep down inside me, im afraid to think of that. to think that im loving someone. to think that i need to be committed again. to think that somehow i have to change myself to the better. not that i dont want to, but it just that im quite pleased with the way im leading my life at the moment.

or is it that im afraid of being cheated and left again?

well i cant deny that love makes us feel complete, if it is successful or when it’s still sizzling hot. but what if it doesnt go the way we want it at the end of the day? i know the feelings of falling in and out of love. and im pretty sure, being out of love after sacrificed everything is one of the most haunting nightmares ever in my life. yea, i guess im afraid of that. afraid of being chased and haunted by the kind of nightmare created by me. it can make me pee on the bed, u know?.

falling out of love is like being left alone in a dark place where u cant see anything but the darkness. and what makes it worst is that u cud hear all the eerie and spooky sounds within the darkness. there’s no one to turn to. absolutely nothing, but u and the darkness. even so, u cant hide yourself or u cant just put your hands on ur face pretending that it never happens, and wait for the ray of sunshine to guide u back to where you belong. it’s not as easy as that. it takes lot of our resources to be back normal.

but i do want to love someone and be loved back by that someone. perhaps, for the moment, i should try to define the feelings im having now. and i should give myself some time to think over this matter. and try to plan out something to actually settle this. i dont want to make a quick decision, which can make me regret it later. so, i guess the best thing to do is to wait and let the time to decide.

so, mien. dont fall just yet, ok.

au revoir!

p/s: i think i might be too open in this entry. haha dont call me jiwang or emo or whatoever ok! 😛