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Congratz again to my fav film director, Yasmin Ahmad for her another masterpiece that i’ve enjoyed watching. Talentime is a brilliant movie, i wud say, for being able to brilliantly potray the reality of people in Malaysia. It such a beautiful piece enveloping around a few themes like love, death, sufferings, racism, judmentalism, friendship and familyhood. altho some people might not like this movie as it is being too honest in potraying the reality of people in malaysia, but i find it very enlightening. kudos to Yasmin Ahmad for giving her piece of mind about those issues in a very suttle sarcastic way, as i have expected.


the hall was pretty empty when i watched it today. there were only 6 of us in there enjoying the movie. i dont know y, but im sure those who are not watching it, are missing something that they shud have treasured. on the back of it, i was able to enjoy the movie without much disturbance. in fact, there wasnt any disturbance at all. 😛

im telling u, if u r planning to watch the movie, u shud prepare urself with a pack of tissue or two. u definitely gonna need it! being me, im not shy to cry in the cinema. watching this movie, i cried not just once but quite a few times actually. again, salute to the director. she managed to make me smile and laugh out loud at the very beginning of the movie, but it didnt last very long really. the more u r indulged in it, u can feel the emotions that the characters are feeling. u’ll feel as if u r a character in it, yourself! the romantic moments, make u feel like u r in love and when it comes to touching moments, your heart will definitely move. in the cinema, i wasnt the only one crying, but most of them were. i could hear people sobbing and see people wiping their tears away.

altho, u can see similar faces like harith iskandar, ida nerina, adibah noor etc etc in this movie. but this time around, their characters are totally in the opposite of the characters they used to act in previous movies like sepet and gubra. *thank god* at least i didnt feel as if im watching sepet or gubra, but Talentime. and the new faces too, managed to play their roles quite successfully. Mahesh, for example, altho he didnt utter a word in the movie, but he was able to play the character very well with the facial expressions, body languages and everything else he got. another example, the granny, everytime she says something with her yorkshire accent, i was almost rolling on the floor laughing!!! :p

and i love all the soundtracks in the movie. can someone find me those songs and send it to me please! 😛 the song that Melur sang, the Indian song ara priyaaa.. 😛 and the song that hafiz sang for his mother during the talentime nite were my favourite. i didnt manage to look for the titles, but if anyone happen to have those songs, please contact me!

so guys… those who like Yasmin Ahmad’s movies, u shud go and watch this one as it wont dissapoint u, i can assure u that. and to those who dont really like her masterpieces, there’s no harm trying to watch this movie. perhaps u might like it! 😛


“There’s a lot of joy and pain in the movie. But, I’m just trying to show a simple love story between two young hearts and their innocence and sincerity in their relationship,” said Yasmin.


p/s: kevinnnnn! 


kerana mulut badan binasa. peribahasa melayu yang selalu kita dengar.. tp usually, it refers to the action of saying things without thinking…

apparently, just now when i attended a kenduri doa selamat in conjuction with sambutan maulidurrasul, i overheard a conversation of 2 guys who are on diet.

A: Ustaz, ni bahaya ni bha. besen nasik tamba sebelah aku ja niiii ha!
B: Indak ape-apa… janji jgn tambah saja…
A: Indak bole juga bha… tangan aku laju saja ni.
B: tangan aja yg laju… janji mulut ko itu kena jaga la bha… klu tak sia2 usaha kita nie..
A: aishhh… *sambil mengurangkan jumlah nasi dlm pinggan*
B: ok itu suda bagus bha.. jangan kerana mulut badan binasa… *sambil menggayakan gaya org gemuk*

and then, the two of them started laughing so loud that everyone else in the house started to give them that weird-looking look!

and somehow i was laughing to the extent of wanting to roll on the floor, because it does make sense.. kerana mulut badan binasa.. mulut la yg rasa nk makan macam-macam. in the end, bertambah la berat badan tuuu… 😛

so guys, try to give new definitions to the old sayings, im sure u’ll be suprised of the results.

p/s: to my Muslim readers, Happy Maulidurrasul!

funny that i wud want to write about the issue of jodoh and marriage in my blog. not that i’ve been blatantly bombarded with questions by people around me asking me about when i am getting married, or do i have a gf, or questions that relate to my love life. well, to be honest, a few people did asked me that, but me being me, always well-prepared with some concrete answers. just to keep them shut! there was one occassion when i was having my holiday in my hometown in Kelantan, one of my cousin came to me and ask me. “Amin (they call me this in Kampung), bilo nok nikoh? Nok tunggu wak gapo lagi, tuo doh. Keno nikoh doh umo-umo gini”. And i was like, WTF!! *dang*

So what did i replied? I’ll tell u later.

Seriously, at the moment, i dont feel like getting myself involve in any love relationship. what more to get married. i think im still too young. hello. im only 24 okies, and me being a man, life starts at 40. im just half way thru. yea indeed it’s true that as human, we dont know when will our life ends, but that’s not the point. the point is, being in a relationship or a marriage is indeed requires lotsa commitments and responsibilities from us. i dont think im ready for that yet.

i’ve just started working 2 months ago. 2 months isnt that long. i need longer duration to get myself settled and stable. in terms of financial and time wise, i dont think i can manage to focus on something else, but my very own life. currently, it’s pretty difficult to concentrate on too many things at the same time. i used to be pretty gud with multi-tasking, but now, im pretty much focussed on one thing only.

plus, i have set in mind that i wud only think about getting married after i get my master degree. for the mean time, i cant apply to further my study yet before my post gets confirmed. it’ll take about a year before it’s confirmed. so basically im not gonna get married in the next one year. and the course that i wish to apply will take me about 1.5 to 2 years to be completed. so, to calculate, im not gonna get married in the next 3 years. 😛 and that’s only the simplest calculation. if i were to make it more complex, i might not gonna lose my single title in at least 5 years. hahaha that’s pretty long isnt it? well, not for me.

Jodoh and marriage is ours to decide. it’s in the hand of god. if He permits, then u’ll get urs, and if he doesnt… no harm to be SINGLE riteee..?? I’ve been single for a very long time, but im still here, alive and kicking! 😛

Neway, before i press the publish button, I would like to congratulate a few friends of mine who are getting married in a very near future. Hope u guys are ready physically and mentally to go thru an ocean of marriage. it wont be easy, but many people survived. hope u guys will be among those people. So again, congratulation on ur wedding! (to be..)


Aishah  YB
Nasrul Hadie  Yana
Najibu  Soya
Hafiz  Asmah

Thanks for the invitations. I will go if i can. But i cant promise. u guys know the reasons la kan… 😛


Au revoir…