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Monthly Archives: February 2009

alhamdulillah… after not so long waiting, it’s banked in today. aha. im sure u guys know what im talking about rite..??? hehe my very first pay! ) now only i can start thinking about all those long abandoned plans. pretty much excited rite now. but i cant really show how excited i am here in this school since some of the new teachers here wont get theirs until next month. anyway… planning is necessary so that i wont go using that money on something less important. so here’s a list of things that i should consider;

1. getting a car – this gonna be an essential item. well, living in a very remote area, it’s damn hard to get in and out of here. even if there’s a transport, it would be very costly. i have to hire a ‘pirate’ and have to pay about rm100 everytime i wanna go out and in this place. another reason why a car is important is that as a teacher with a lot of responsibilities, i sometimes need to attend courses and meetings away from school. So, having a car would make my life a bit easier. ) 

2. rent a house – i’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. i wanted to rent a house in Kota Kinabalu as i need a bit of entertainment once in a while. it would be costly for me to stay in a hotel everytime i go down to kk. in fact, if i were to calculate the amount that i need to pay checking in a hotel for 2 weekends, the cost would be much higher than renting a house there. so, might as well i just rent a house there. and it would be easy if my friends and family wish to come to KK.

3. pay my loan – haha.. to survive in these 2 months, i took a loan from my father. not that he wants me to pay him back, but me being me, i dont really like to owe. so i feel obliged to pay him back. quite a large amount really. thanks abah. bcoz of the loan, i m survived here. hehe dont worry, i’ll pay u back )

4. holiday – well, since the gaji is in, so i’ve decided to go back to semenanjung this March. yippeee… im very excited now since i’d already planned what i would do if i go back. i was pretty anxious yesterday thinking about the gaji. if masuk, then the plan is ON. lucky that i got it today, so the plan is automatically ON. altho it’s only 1–week holiday, but there are a few things that i need to do. I need to freeze my gym membership, get some important books, and to settle a few documents. So i guess, i have to go back no matter what.

So that’s basically it. I m so happy that i dont know how to express it. To my colleagues all around Malaysia, i hope u guys got yours too.  


hehe.. this entry is supposed to be posted long long time ago. it has been delayed for about a month. gosh. the time flies so quickly that i didnt notice that i am here for more than a month now. there goes my youth 😛 anyway, i wont be writing much in here. just wanna share with u some pictures during my very first few days here….

time nak masuk kampung.. muka heppi je  tp dlm hati… hahaha

jalan yg terpaksa diredah berjalan kaki sbb kete takleh masuk…

sekolah yg banjir.. nmpk mcm cetek.. tp….

sempat berperahu atas padang sekolah…

perahu jadik major transport for the time being…

i think…  i kinda enjoy living a life like this.

i think… challenging circumstances have made me a better person.

i think… living in a very small and remote kampung isnt bad afterall.

i think… life is full of suprises.

i think… i am stronger than i thought.

i think… i cant live without humours.

i think… i dont need a lover.

i think… i have enuff close friends.

i think… internet is a neccessity.

i think… time is shorter now.

i think… i can cope with a few addictions i had before.

i think… mobile phone is no longer my bestest friend.

i think… i need to buy a car asap.

i think… i need to rent a house soon.

i think… i need more money.

and last but not least,

i think i need to sleep!