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Since i’ve decided to be a teacher i cant complain much. but there are a few things in my mind now that i would like to share regarding my students..

1. There are less than 60 students registered. But most of the time, less than 30 students come to school in daily basis.

2. It is normal to see 2 or 3 students in one class. If i get more than 5 students, i should be grateful.

3. My students go to school wearing their normal clothes, and will change them to school uniform when they reach the school. the reason is that some of them have to cross the river, or muddy area just to get to school. so afraid that they’ll get their uniform dirty, they wear something else first.

4. Mind you that I cant scold the students if they got their uniform dirty and wrinkled as they dont have the electricity to iron them. the teachers also sometimes wear wrinkled shirt and pants becoz the electricity couldnt support the use of iron.

5. and the students got their uniform for free every year.

6. talking about free stuff, they also got free food. the students are eligible for Rancangan Makanan Tambahan (RMT). Some teachers told me that getting RMT is one of the reason why the students come to school.

7. most of the students talk in bahasa sungai. they sometimes answered my question in bahasa sungai, and i was like “what’s tat?”. i’ve learnt a few words like “landoi” aka tadpoles etc etc.

8. but they can also speak in standard malay with sabah dialect. i was like blurred the first 2 weeks there, becoz sometimes i couldnt catch what they were saying coz they spoke really fast.

9. talking about speaking, my students can speak simple english like simple greetings. “good morning sir” “thank you sir”.

10. my year 3 students are very eager to learn english. whenever there’s no teacher in their class, they will ask me to go in and teach them more english. i loike that. that’s the readiness that i love to see.

11. plus, they are very cute and funny…

12. they even ask for homeworks, altho sometimes they forgot to do it!

13. My year 5 students are good. They know lots of english vocab but they are too shy to use the language.

14. they can answer simple comprehension questions, but not the grammar part. so i knw their weaknesses and now im thinking of a plan to solve that.

15. im having more hard time dealing with my year 6 students.

16. they couldnt be bothered about UPSR.. they dont even know what it is all about…

17. there’s only 1 student in Year 6 come to school in daily basis.

18. All of them got less than 25% for their English paper in the 1st Monthly test.

19. The reason: they simply dont understand the questions since they have limited english vocab.

20. Even for questions with pictures, they answered them wrongly. eg. the picture shows  a lorry, but they answered them ‘car’.

21. For the time being, i teach them vocab based on the topic so that they are familiar with the words.

22. and rote learning is the best option i got so far.

23. one funny thing about them is that in Paper 2, they have to write simple sentences based on the pictures given. I laughed my ass off reading their sentences as they wrote them in Bahasa whereas they knew that they were answering English paper. and i gave them a big ‘?’.

24. im using both english and bahasa as the medium of instructions. i would give them instruction in english. simplify them. wrote the instruction on the board. demonstrate and the last resort wud be translating them to malay. i know it takes a lot of time, but i have to do that so that they will know i wont simply use bahasa. and they will have to work hard.

25. Im still using the smiley and sad faces on the board. they seems to like it very much coz i promised them gifts if they behave the way i want them to.

26. they love ICT. So, at least once in a week i would bring them to ICT lab to use the coursewares. they love them very much.

27. last but not the least, at 2pm sharp, at least 5 students will come to our house to watch the tele. it’s normal routine! they love watching the sinetron featuring agnes monica (im not sure of the title). sometimes they watch the dvds. altho they have watched them million times, but they keep on playing them over and over again. they love to watch ‘apocalypto’. i overheard their conversation, translated into proper bm “aku suka la tengok cite orang asli ni” and one of them replied “kau sedar la sikit, ko tu pon sama”. and i was like LMAO and then continued with my nap!


p/s: love all of your students. if they feel your love, u’ll be embraced with their love too. attend to all and never practise favouritism. stop racism, stop favouritism!


tajuk tu just nak kasi gempak sahaja… not in a million years aku akan jadi tarzan.. im not a gud swimmer.. i cant swing from one tree to another.. i dont dare to get too close to wild animals, and definitely i cant talk to and understand them like tarzan does.. 😛 so, basically this entry has got nothing to do about me becoming a tarzan or whatsoever.

or maybe there are some connections between me and tarzan afterall. we both live in a jungle. and yea.. that’s rite. im living in a jugle at the moment. and will be here for the next 3 years *so i heard…*

oh well.. agak melalut just now. so i was beating around the bush for awhile just to think of the points that i want to put in this entry. and i think i got some ideas now. *wuhuuu*

neway, just wanna let u know that im now settled in SK Tampat, Beluran Sabah. It’s situated in a very remote area of daerah Beluran. It takes 5 hours for me to get here from bandar sandakan by four-wheeled drive. half of the journey was ok, on normal highway. but the rest of the journey was so ‘shocking experience’, with the condition of the road, the jungle, estates, gaung and all. During raining season like now, it’s even harder to get to the school. On my way here, we had to walk through flood area up to the neck level for about half an hour. and im telling u, it’s such an experience for me.

the village im living in is a very small village with no proper facilities such as electricity, hospital etc. not even a shop available within 60kms. it’s just a village with houses, rivers, hills and jungles. the mobile coverage is extremely week that i have to walk to the nearest hill to find the coverage, even so, i usually get only 1 to 2 bars just enuff to retrieve messages and to make some short and no-so-clear calls. lucky that the school has it’s own generator to generate electricity for 4 hours at nite, and solar power circuit to generate electricity during the day. but the power from the solar was restricted to using it for the ICT lab only.

Based on the situation above, the school is qualified to received the acknowledgement as a LEVEL 2 REMOTE SCHOOL.

like soya said in her blog, yea of course we want to serve the community with our knowledge and all. but we are also a human. i m also a human. sometimes, i feel like leaving the place and try to appeal. sometimes i feel like crying. sometimes i feel like i just wanna sleep that when i wake up, it’s 3 years already and i can apply to be transferred somewhere else. 

i think i can survive.. even if i cant, i’ll try to. *nyanyi lagu survivor – im a survivor… i will survive, keep on surviving!

i kinda like the environment here. everyone is friendly and helpful. the village people especially, they are very shy at first. now, we are getting to know each other well. and yesterday, i did join them to swim and play volleyball… *mandi banjir* bestnyee… hahaha.. i heard many good things about living in the kampung really. so im very eager to find out. *if u treat them well, they’ll treat u the same!* that’s what my senior teachers in the school told me.

in school, i was given a few roles namely;

– English Teacher Year 3,5 & 6
– Moral Teacher Year 2 & 3
– Ketua Panitia Bahasa Inggeris
– Guru Disiplin (irony :P)
– Guru KRS
– Guru Penyelaras Pusat Sumber
– Guru Penyelaras Bantuan KOSAN
– AJK Kecerian Sekolah….

(and more to come…. im sure)

So as u can see from the list above, those are my roles for now. *macam orang penting plak kat skolah tu kan..?? hehe* i dont have problem with that, really. im sure the loads are heavy, but being bored with nothing to do in this kind of place wud kill me faster. now, im currently squeezing my brain to write the yearly scheme of work for English subject from Year 1 to Year 6. adoooiii!!

and as mentioned earlier, the school is a level 2 remote school.. so the teachers here get RM1000 extra allowance per month. so that makes me smile again *heheh mata duitan*

and what makes me smile even wider is that, there is internet connection over here in the school.  *kagum campur heppi*


so i guess that’s all for now. dh penat menaip! so hope to c u guys soon okies.. u take care

p/s: moral of the story; if u think u get the worst, just remember that there are thousands more out there who get worse than what u got! 

Pejam celik pejam celik, dh hampir sebulan aku bercuti kat rumah ni. Tak sedar pon. Sedar-sedar pon bile kakak aku dh sound aku nampak BULAT. aku ape lagi, cr la scale nk ukur berat badan.. hahaha nasib baik maintain lg 60kgs. 😛 dia tambah lagi “aishhh duk umah, asyik makan tido je mane tak bulat”. pastu aku pon ape lg, kira la dh berapa lama aku cuti.. rupanya dh lame aku cuti ye.


Cuti pon bukan buat ape sangat pon. Tengok TV je la keje aku. and salah satu drama yg aku suka tengok ialah Awan Dania kat Astro Ria. Mula-mula aku takde la suka sgt tengok, sekadar teman 2 anak buah aku tu je. Diorang ni, sorg tak sampai 6 tahun, sorg lagi tak sampai 4 tahun, x abes2 duk bercakap pasal Awan Dania. Siap tau tu bile drama tu disiarkan kat TV. Pendek kata, aku kagum jugak la tengok budak2 sekarang yg memang bijak *hint to teachers: beware!*. Pastu lame-lame, bila aku dh tau jalan cerita, karekter ape seme, so aku macam tertarik jugak la untuk tengok drama tu. Kalau sebelum ni, anak2 buah aku yg tarik tangan aku tengok drama tu, skg ni aku plak yg tarik dorg tengok! 😛 

mesti korang rasa mcm nk uncle yg best macam aku ni kan..?? 😛 kalau nak, masuk la line.. aku single lagi.. *oppss terlebih sudah*.

neway, aku tau entry kali ni mengarut sket.. saje je actually. nak larik dr masalah posting yg tak abes2. dr dulu smp skg. ari pon timbul masalah baru. ade antara kitorg yg flight dh kene tukar. macam2 la dorg ni kan.. pelik aku! macam mana dorg buat keje.. makan gaji buta ke..? ape2 pon itu masalah dorg, aku takmo tau. yg aku nk tau, flight aku mcm biasa.

ckp2 pasal flight ni, kembali kat cerita Awan Dania tu.. sesambil duk tengok cite tu, aku terbayang yg seronok gak jadi Flight Attendant (FA) nie.. tetibe aku rasa mcm takmo dh jadi cikgu  tp nk jadi FA *perasan cantik jap* sbb ape aku rase best?

1. sebab boleh g jalan2 sambil bekerja – tak kisah la jadi FA yg handle domestic or international. janji leh jalan2 ke merata tempat. tp aku jugak terpikir yang mesti kalau dh lama2 aku akan bosan jugak. well, of course la.. buat ape pon, kalau kita buat keje yg sama kita mmg akan rasa bosan. sbb tu la aku harap la aku ade cukup intrinsic n extrinsic motivations untuk aku tak stagnate to just being a degree holder and a teacher. deep inside me, i want to further my study and be something more so that i could contribute more to the society.

2. sebab boleh sentiasa tinggi di awan – aku mmg dr dulu suka tengok awan… aku selalu berangan yang aku ade rumah kat sana sebijik so that everytime i have problems, aku leh pegi ke sana untuk lupakan segala masalah aku. tp tu hanya angan2 yg aku tau takkan menjadi nyata. so, for the realistic reasoning, aku suka awan sbb awan cantik dan mendamaikan… aku suka amik gambar awan.. and kalau aku takde keje ke, or ade masalah ke.. aku akan pandang ke atas dan tengok awan-awan yg cantik. walaupon masalah aku tak hilang, tp at least aku leh lupakan mende tu untuk seketikaaa…

3. sbb boleh sentiasa berdampingan ngn org-org yg cantik dan kacak – haha lame kan reason yg ni..?? 😛 mind u, bukan seme FA cantik2 n ensem2 tau.. ntah la.. selama aku naik flite ni, aku boleh buat conclusion yg bukan seme FA ada rupa. mungkin dorang ade that FA attitudes, that’s for sure la kannn.. ye la.. selama ni, org akan beranggapan bahawa nk jadi FA ni, kite kene la cantik paras rupa, takde parut mercedes or bmw kat anggota badan etc etc. tp in realiti, bukan seme FA ade all that.. based on my experience, FA domestic mmg cantik2 ensem2, tp yg handle international x semua mcm tu.. aku tatau nape.. tapi itu yang aku rase la selama ni… but that’s not the point. point die, kenapa aku suka berdampingan ngn org2 mcm nie…? mungkin sbb aku suka baca karekter manusia.. so aku suka la nk baca karekter org2 yg ‘cantik2 ensem2’ ni. adakah dalaman dorg ni secantik luaran dorg? yg tu aku tak pasti, and i wud love to find out. tp yg penting, kecantikan adalah hak milik setiap insan..

4. gaji mesti masyuk!! – haha again duit jugak yg aku pikirkan kan..?? aku tatau la gaji FA bape, tp aku agak mesti banyak jugak kan..?? im sure, korg pon mesti pk pasal duit kan.. jgn tipu la kalau org kate duit tak penting. bagi aku, duit adalah segala2nya sekarang ni.. tak ramai yg nk pandang pada org yg tak berduit. bukan aku nk kata semua org mata duitan.. tp aku just kate yang semua org berangan nk ade duit yg banyak supaya senang idup.. tu je. ape2 pon, aku still rase gaji FA masyukkkk!! any FA here nk buat keterangan??

tapi nk jadi FA tu hanyalah angan-angan aku. tak salah pon kalau kita pasang angan-angan kan..? aku yakin, korg semua mesti ade angan-angan masing2 kan..?? aku tau la korg ni, aku kenal korg. ade tu berangan nk jadi penyanyi.. ade tu berangan nk jadi pelakon.. ade tu berangan nk jadi DIVA (hehe, ko tau ko sape!),  dan macam macam lagi laaa… tp org kata, kalau kita kejar angan2 kita tu dengan usaha yg berterusan ianya akan menjadi nyata.. so aku doakan la korang supaya boleh jadi ape yang korg impikan tu okie.. gud luck guys!  


p/s: scha n irma tetap menarik aku untuk tetap tgk cite ni.. ni aku dh start keje, aku takde ASTRO. nak tengok macam mana..??

… who shall be the winner, and who will take the walk-of-shame?

it’s kinda frustating with the amount of information given by the KPM regarding our posting. some of us feel as if we are competing in some kind of live-tv show similar to the Amazing Race, where we’ll get the next clue soon after we reached a destination. it’s  an endless pain-in-the-ass information digging race.

1. First, i had to check the state where i am being posted online. There’s not much information given but the state and a few hotlines to be called to get more information.

2. To get thru the hotlines is again another pain-in-the-a**. I tried to call all the numbers from 8am -5pm for 2 days, but cudnt get thru at all. My fingers went numb after long hours of dialing. My friend who went to Putrajaya told me that there are only 2 receptionists to entertain all the calls. *sucks* so the best way is to go directly to Putrajaya. but what about people who are far away from Putrajaya like me..?

3. When i got thru the hotline, the only information given to me was “you should try to call this number again after the 30th to get more information about ur flight”. and i was like “WTF”. is that all? All the pain trying to get thru the hotlines, wasted!

4. So had to wait for a few days!

5. Again, on the 30th, the hotlines were always busy.. from morning up to late evening. the same on the 31st. I cudnt get thru the lines at all even after 2 days trying. cudnt call on the 1st as it’s a public holiday.

6. My friend decided to go to Putrajaya again regarding the flight and the area where we got posted to. Thanks Jeff. Lucky he managed to check my flight details too. Im kinda pity to those who couldnt check theirs. The officer there told my friend that a special link will be put up on the MOE website so that we can check the flight details with more ease. But the question is, why didnt they tell us earlier???

7. The flight and the area are confirmed. but that’s not enuff. they didnt give us any information about what to do next. ok, soon as i reach Sandakan, what shud i do next..? is there any officer gonna meet there..? that sorts of questions.

8. The inconsistency of information is also another headache. Putrajaya, MOE website, and JPN say different thing when asked about the same question. For instance, one of us got posted to Sabah when he checked online and thru Putrajaya, but received the offer letter from JPN Johor.. it shows how inconsistent the information is. yea i admit that in every system, there’ll be some flaws… but, come on. they have been handling this thing for many many years. and the system shudnt be this sucks.

9. Another problem raised by some of my friends regarding the documents needed to Lapor Diri. arghhh… reading their emails makes me go crazeee. we’re not provided with the most important documents for us to lapor diri. the documents should be provided by the Bahagian Sumber Manusia, long time ago before we are done with our courses there in the college. Thanks to Nas and Hilmi for their effort running and chasing officers in IPBA, as well as people from Putrajaya. At least we know that the issue has been taken care of.

10. and based on the information given by sheela after chasing some officers in JPNS, im pretty much shocked and anxious to know that they are still not sure about the schools where we gonna get posted. come on guys, this is extremely unacceptable. my colleagues who got posted to Johor and other parts of Malaysia have successfully melapor diri and will start teaching soon. Unlike people who got posted to Sabah, we are still unsure about everything.

11. the confusion about KPLI and my program, B.Ed is killing me too. It’s very important for the people in charge to know the difference between these two. Some officers, they have certain perceptions about KPLI, and thus explains the treatments given to them. We do not want to be treated like that. It’s not that we are better than them, but to receive such treatment for the things that we didnt do is absolutely unacceptable. i know it’s a new program but they should have some basic knowledge about it so that they do not overgeneralise people!

… and those are some of the things that i find rather disturbing. i rarely make assumptions, but in this case i assume it’s all boils down to doing last minute arrangement of our posting. then problems after problems arose due to their inability to complete the arrangements on time. the process flow became delayed from one department to another. this entry might scratch the image of a big organisation that im going to work in, but i think it’s necessary. We (wont detail this) wholeheartedly agreed that “THAT’S OUR GOVERNMENT” with some cynical and sarcastic remarks about it. Bila kene komen pasal buat kerja lambat dan tak efisyen, they will be the one yg akan melenting dan tanya balik kat kita “APA SUMBANGAN KAMU PADA KERAJAAN?” It’s rare to see them admitting the flaws in their system and improve it. Being defensive is all that they can do.

Enuff said. This entry is not to scratch anybody but merely as to share my difficult moments/experience regarding my posting. I know, some of u might not like what i wrote here in this entry, but that’s what i think the reasons behind all these problems. again, it’s my assumptions and might not be true.

Tips on ur Posting

What should u do;

1. To check ur status, check MoE website regularly for new updates.
2. Go to Putrajaya directly to get more information
3. Re-confirm your posting with the JPN 
4. Spread the info u get to ur friends.

Important documents to register urself

1) Bank account – check with the school which bank they use
2) KWSP Statement
3) SPM Certificate
4) Degree
5) Transcript
6) Surat Tawaran Pelantikan sbg. GST Siswazah
7) Surat Akuan Penerimaan Pelantikan GST Siswazah
8) Surat Akuan Sumpah from Bahagian Sumber Manusia KPM



p/s: this is another long winded unchecked entry. so do expect some alarming errors in it!