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In my previous post, i did tell u that i was in Kuala Kangsar that I couldnt check my posting result rite. I was in Kuala Kangsar for 4 days and 3 nites attending a program as what the title says, Program Citra Guru, organised by students in my college. I was asked to join that program a few days before i completed my study there. So I was a bit mad and crossed as i dont think it’s relevant. In addition to that, i thought i’d be busy packing and enjoying my last moment together before i get posted just anywhere. But i attended it anyway, altho at first i was half-heartedly and dragging my feet there.

I was welcomed warmly by the committee and the rest of the participants of the program. So, it changed my feelings a bit. I was like, “what the heck”, it just a 4–day program. It just a small matter for me really. So i attended the briefing a day before we departed. At least I could get clearer picture of what the program is all about. So after the briefing, I assumed that the program shud be interesting, relaxing and fun.

Manong -kecik
So, this is Manang. Nice view, huh!!

So as you can see from the picture, that’s the view of Manong. Absolutely majestic! I believe that this is one of the things that the people over there in Manong are proud of. Basically, Manong is situated in Kuala Kangsar Perak. It’s quite ‘kampung’ in a sense that it’s quite far from the big town, Kuala Kangsar. but not quite far really. Just about 25km. But i would say that this place is quite remote. Altho it’s a remote area, but i like it so much. With the view that, who wouldnt!

In this entry, i wont go about the program very tentatively. I’ll just gonna share the bits that i think interesting. Plus, instead of telling my mind that i have to attend that program, i said to myself that “im going for cuti-cuti Malaysia in Kuala Kangsar”. Well, at least it settled my emotion side a bit.

teachers-to-be giving tuition to the Year 5 students

 Ok.. One of the aims for this program is to prepare the students for their UPSR next year. So i thought, it’s quite impossible to actually give them all the input to get them ready for their big EXAM in just 2 hours. Instead of giving them tuition, i would give them more of motivational activities based on subjects so that they would know the importance of mastering the subjects and at the same time to instil the ‘love’ to the subjects. Well, that’s what i would do. But, since the lecturer involved wanted it that way so the rest of us followed. I was in charge of the English subject. Being an ad-hoc leader, it was quite tough for me. considering the fact that i didnt really have much time to prepare everything my very best. But, with a few short discussions with the rest of the group, we managed to come up with a set of interesting activities for the subject. the one that i like the most is the ‘chicken dance’ and i could see that most of the students enjoyed it too. It didnt go glittery well, but i could give the group a pat on the back for their efforts, ideas to make it happened. It went well throughout the 2 hours i believe. Thanks guys.

Sukaneka, I loike. Group 1 rox!

Sukaneka was also held for the students. Besides spending time studying, the students need to some exercises too. I mean physical exercise, not the Math or English exercise. 😛 Well, i’ve enjoyed the activity really and i salute the person in charge of the sukaneka. He managed to come up with interesting activities such as bawa gelung getah dengan straw, etc. mmg seronok to see the students and the faci-s enoying themselves supporting their respective groups. But what more can i say, Idzrul… Group 1 is the best. haha..


Another community service that we did as part of the program. Gotong-royong. All of us were divided into smaller groups and assigned a few houses that we have to visit and help them to clean up their house compound. I could see that all of us put their best effort to help these unfortunate people. The houses that we went to are houses of the oldfolks, poors and disabled. Well, i finally realised that im still have the soft spot in me that i thot has long lost. It’s sad to see one old couple who live their lives just the two of them. Both are very old, and with limited ability in terms of their physical, financial etc. They are so old that they move very slowly, with limited vision. I wonder how can they survive all this while.. and where are their children. and how could they let their parents to live such a life. how could they! I was sad, and mad at the same time to think about it. but i made myself busy by collecting the rubbish, sweeping the compound, etc etc. I noticed that some of the villagers also helped. and this is what i like about the kampung people. they are still united and eager to help when needed. in big cities, this situation is can hardly be seen.

Us with some of the students.

Manong FC invited us for a friendly futsal match. Since im not so into sports which use foot/feet, so i decided to stay low away from the court. hehe.. hey i know some of u might assume that im a kaki bangku, but im telling you that i am not. I can play footbal, or futsal in this matter. It just that i dont really like to play it. I competed in indoor-footbal once when i was in the UK and the opponent was a group from Pakistan. Hardwork i tell you, but i enjoyed the game. Back to Manong, we had to divide ourselves into 2 teams since they asked. So we had a hard time to decide the player. We had 22 boys and supposedly, we shouldnt have any problem. But mind you, most of us didnt wear shoes (me included) and some dont like/cannot play. so it was quite hard to decide the players. But after a short discussion, we managed to come up with a strong 1st team, and 2nd team was a bit tangkap muat. Manong FC looked really confident that they could easily bantai us, but they had a very very hard time. and they were shocked at the end of the game that it’s DRAW (4–4). So for the 2nd game, Manong FC was looking less confident as they were before… they won in the 2nd game. But it was fun really. Congrats to the players. Im proud of u guys.. U did very well considering the fact that it’s quite immediate and we didnt have any preparation at all. Salute!!


This activity wasnt stated in the timetable… but since some ustazes insisted on putting this as part of the program, so ikut sajalah.. it wont hurt kan.. plus, it’s good to bring myself nearer to the religion i embraced and to the god i prayed! But, since the activity is yet another last-minute activity, so i could see that the person-in-charge were unprepared. They didnt know what to do, and they held us in the Masjid since 9pm doing nothing. If i were them, I would ask the students to come at 11 instead of 9pm, becoz the qiyamullai only started at 4.20am. So might as well, let the students to spend their last nite with their keluarga angkat. Like for me, i was hoping that the organiser would give me the whole nite to be with my keluarga angkat because it’s the last nite. so there’s a lot that we could do with them. it’s time to really getting to know each other and to bonding. but since they have more say, then i just kept quiet. aha.. another thing i dont like about the ustaz-es is that why did they scolded us who came just because they were mad about people who didnt came. funny people! Neway, i believe that the qiyamullai is the first one after how many years i didnt do it! 

My Keluarga Angkat.. Angah, Aboh, Mok, Wan, Mie

One thing i like about the program is that we are given an Adopted Family or Keluarga Angkat. We get the chance to get to know them, stay in their house and experience their lifestyle. I guess i am quite lucky to get this family. Altho they are not rich people, but their modesty touched me truly. They are so modest that i feel very comfortable living in their house. They were very nice towards Wan and I. They cooked us nice delicious dishes, they brought us to Kuala Kangsar and they even belanja us makan besar there in the town. I love them like my parents dah… In fact, Mok called me last nite to know whether i’ve packed my stuff yet. It shows that we bonded quite well the it doesnt end there, but will continue forever. Thanks…

Masjid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar

Jambatan Sayong, Kuala Kangsar

The Family on the Jambatan Sayong

Arena Square, Kuala Kangsar

London of Kuala Kangsar. 😛

Ok so those are some of the interesting places that our Keluarga Angkat brought us to. I would say that I love Kuala Kangsar as it is a very nice town especially at nite.

Mandi Manda di Lata Pecah Batu

And one of the activities that I wouldnt miss is to mandi manda di lata-lata around Manong. There’s a number of Lata around Manong such as Lata Pecah Batu, Lata Gua etc. We actually went to 3 Lata during our stay there in Manong. As u can see from the picture, we were very very HAPPY!



Last but not least, I enjoyed the program because I got MORE FRIENDS. They accept me of who i am, and im truly glad about it. Million thanks guys. Without u there i wont have such a meaningful experience there in Manong. We shared our simiarities and we accepted our differences and that what makes us enjoy our moment there. Hope that we’ll keep in touch so that i wont lose friends like u guys.


p.s: this entry contains lotsa spelling and grammatical errors. since my blog is just a diary for me and this entry is quite long, so sorry that i malas nk buat correction!


Bon voyage to myself, as im posted to SABAH. I repeat myself, I got posted to SABAH, negeri di bawah bayu. Another unexpected overseas trip for me. The only difference is that, this time around im not sure of the duration of my stay there. Well, i should expect at least 3 years minimun. I might stay there longer, or if im that lucky, less than that minimum number.

IMG_2465 b

and well… that’s how i look like when i heard about my the news. a bit too shocked, as i was expecting to be posted in KL or Selangor area. I was in Kuala Kangsar when the  results were released. So i had to contact a few mates to check it. Thanks Star for the help. He called me “Mien, ko jangan nangis. Ko dapat Sabah arr”.. and i was blank for a few seconds upon hearing that. Everything seemed to be running through my head. All the plannings, expectations gone just like that. So, I took a few deep breathes, and I was back to normal (not my heart tho, it beated really fast for quite sometimes). I decided to accept it with open heart and positive mind just to make myself feel better. pendek kata, REDHA je la.. huhu.. every darkest sky has its silver lining. I might get something good out of it. I hope.

All the posting thingy make my life a bit unsettled especially when i am not being given enough information about everything. The only thing that i know is that im posted to Sabah. and mind you, Sabah is a big state. I dont know which area and what school i’ll be posted to yet. and hello.. today is like 23 of Dec and the tarikh lapor diri is supposedly on the 2nd of Jan 2009. Tried to call the department which handles my posting, but couldnt get thru after hundred times trying. So, im a bit clueless now.

Hope everything’s gonna be fine. and fun too..
And Mien, you are such a tough lad. U can do it, im sure…

It feels so good to be able to wake up in the morning, and what lies ahead you whenever you open ur windows is the green scenery. What makes it more interesting is that u can observe the existence of many different species of birds and other animals and insects in that particular scenery. the sounds, the colours, the movements, make the world around u goes round. well, that’s how i feel whenever i wake up in the morning (altho not early in the morning like 7am or so, but 11 am still considered morning eyh  lol). Usually my mom would open the windows for me. So soon as I wake up, i usually spend like 10 minutes or so to observe the surrounding of my house. It freshens me up and makes me feel a bit calm and tranquilled. Altho, it’s not like a house somewhere in Switzerland or Austria with the most amazing sceneries in the world, but mine is not that bad..

Thanks to Mak and Abah really. Our courtyard is like full of trees, flowers, herbs, vege etc etc. They like to do gardening works whenever they have time. My dad still working so he usually spends his time in the evening to take care of our small garden. my mom is a full-time housewife. She spends most of her time planting stuff and of course watering em when she got nothing important to do.

And what do i do..? Well im not good in gardening, but im pretty expert in eating fruits. hehe so my jobs are to pluck any fruit that i like and eat them. Best dapat makan buah yang fresh from the tree . Plus, it saves time. No need to drive to the pasar or fruit stalls to get them. I just need to go to the back of the house and pluck them. easy kan!!

Well, here are some pictures for u guys. taken around my house using my phone. not the best quality, but just enjoy it yeah

tatau pokok apa… but i like it’s leaves and flowers.

pokok bunga jarum.. a lot of em around the house

not sure nama apa.

ntah… but the colour is very nice..

aloe vera.. gud for ur skin.. and it tastes good!

Orchid.. nice..

Pokok Langsuyar. U usually will find it on big trees. Sejenis pokok menumpang..

Hibiscus or Bunga Raya. Our National Image!

Bunga Loceng Biru. My mom usually use the flower to cook Nasi Kerabu Biru.



Mempelam. Mango


Coconut tree..

Jambu Air

Sugar Cane.. Tebu..

Lime.. Limau Kasturi



So those are some of the plants available around my house. There are a lot more like Pandan Leaves, Lemon Grass, Lemon tree, Rambutan, Mangosteen etc etc. Too many to list too. Pay me a visit, then i’ll show u around.

Recipe of the day!
Colek Buah (Jambu dan Mempelam)
colek: Jeruk, asam, etc


What you need;

1. Vinegar
2. Coarse Sugar
3. Coarse Salt
4. Prawn Paste
5. Hot Chilli
6. Fruits (jambu or mango or apple)


To make a ‘colek’ put 1–5 in a bowl and stir. Add everything secukup rasa.
Next, cut the fruits into small pieces or slices.
Dip them into the ‘colek’ and eat it.
Bon apetite!


p/s: i think this is kinda lame. but who cares.. 😛

Vocab of the day!

  1. (slang) A jerk; a mean or rude person.
  2. (slang) An idiot, a dim-witted person.
  3. (slang) An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intelligence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears.
That dude is a .

That ruined my shrimp cocktail.

Etymology: Derived from the type of bag used by women to douche.

well out of boredom, i found this particularly interesting flow chart about how u dress up and does it make u a douchebag! indeed, it’s very interesting piece. i’ve tried it out, and im totally survived. i can proudly claim that im not a douchebag afterall!! haha well at least in term of dressing. haha.. come on guys, try it! it’s gonna be fun really!


Hi everyone. Today is a day for all muslims to celebrate. It’s not just another day for celebration, but more of a day to remind us about the sacrifices made by the prophets to protect Islam and how we should do the same. Neway, here I would like to wish you all Happy Eidul Adha. Hope that you guys enjoy your raya with family ok. Unlike me, i dont really feel like celebrating since my parents are not here. They went back to Kelantan already. But my sisters and I couldnt since some roads that we use to go back there are flooding. So enuff said  

.. huhu im so over of having annual dinner at the 5 stars hotel and shit. we are not small kids anymore. we are all grown up adults. so there’s no point of fighting, arguing about that one farken dinner. the purpose of having that farewell dinner is to gather all of the cohort members for the last time before each and everyone of us walk out of the college and get posted. after so much of heated arguments, long faces, calling names etc etc, we decided not to have dinner at all. everyone was settled. however, some of the lecturers in IPBA were not quite happy with that idea. they wanted us to have it no matter what. worst of it all, that small issue was brought up during the joint board meeting with the overseas partner. and i was like “wtf” when i heard about it. as if the patners could be bothered by that. funny thing is, those lecturers didnt even teach us, and why on earth did they have to be so nosy about it. anyhoooo, thanks to the express committee that came up with the idea of having a farewell BBQ instead of dinner. i could see some cooperation from the members in making the event a success. altho we are tied-up with lotsa responsibilities and with limited time, but i am proud to be a member of the cohort. we did it! yes, of course there were some flaws but what the heck, it was just a slumber informal farewell dinner. most importantly, i believe that we have enjoyed the nite.

So here are some pictures for you guys! not the best pictures, but who cares!!

















… hey guys. in my last entry, i said that i didnt have any cake for my birthday rite..? well, actually i did have one. the boys in my cohort did arranged a suprise mini birthday party. they bought me a huge chocolate cake, and it tastes really really nice.. hahaha. altho im not a big fan of cakes, but their thoughts moved me! and the funny thing about the cake is, instead of writing ‘happy birthday’ on it, they put ‘happy ***day’. funny, at least u guys know how to have fun riteee. thanks guys for everything u did to me. thanks for accepting me as ur friend despites all the differences that we have. and i just wanna let u know that u r my best friends forever..