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aduh since the headache is still there and gets a bit more painful today, so i decided to see the doctor. soon after i got back from school, letak barang and tukar baju, off i drove to Plaza Pantai.. then i had to walk quite a distance from where i parked my car to the clinic. at that time, i didnt care about anything else but to see the doctor. nasib baik that clinic isnt that crowded compared to UM hospital, so it took me around 10 minutes to register, another 10 minutes for the screening check-up, and 20 minutes waiting my name to be called into the dr’s room. tapi seriously, i was very crossed with the doctor. tak sampai 1 minit pon tanya soklan, then he assumed that my headache berpunca dr stress sbb belajar after he saw that im a student on that record card. he prescribed me with ubat tahan sakit, and ascorbic acid.. that’s all.. i tried to explain to the doctor about my condition but he didnt want to listen. shit, that is so fucked up! another bad encounter with gov funded hospital. aku punyalah sakit kepala, ditambah pulak ngn geram kat doktor tu.. so kuar je dr bilik tu, aku g farmasi and get the prescribed medicines and aku blahhh.. takmo la duk lama2 kat sana.. bertambah sakit ade r.. aku drove back to my hostel frustated because i wasnt been given the amount of information needed about my illness from the doctor. makan ubat and aku pon tdo sepanjang petang tadi, hoping that the doctor was right and my headached wud go away after i wake up. tapi bangun tido tadi, the headache was and still there. ni kali kedua aku makan ubat tu but i dont see anything yet! thx along sbb concern about my health. she suggested that i go to a private clinic and get the second opinion in a few days time. for sure i’ll do that.. aku dh tak percaya kat hospital kerajaan. and im so gonna get that second opinion, tak kisah la bayar mahal ke janji aku tau aku sakit ape. janji aku tak menyesal dikemudian hari.. hmmmm.. dah takmo pk dah pasal menda ni.. aku nk tido jap lagi sbb aku penat dan sakit sangat nie.. guys, pray for my health k.. need your prayers so badly now! chiow


adoii kepala aku makin sakit hari ni… hmm aku takmo la g hospital pagi-pagi ni sbb aku kene praktikal sekarang. karang tak pasal-pasal kene ganti, malas laaa aku. mungkin petang ni kot aku g la klinik kesihatan persekutuan pantai tu. takde la jauh sgt dr kolej aku. so mudah l  nk pegi. malasnye, tapi sakit. so nak taknak kene pegi jugak. hmm ok la tu!

ok.. ok.. smlm tengah2 dinner around 8.30pm, tetibe aku teringat yg Gangstarz final akan ditayangkan kat tv3 kul 9pm. so ape lg… bergegas aku naik atas balik ke penthouse kitorg untuk set up tv. ye a.. tv tu bnyk digunakan untuk main game.. so kalau nk tgk tv kene angkut masuk dapur sbb kat situ je siaran ok sket untuk diterima. so terpaksa la aku angkut mende alah tu semata-mata nk tgk finale rancangan kegemaran aku tuh… dh siap setup, gambar pon nmpk ok… aku pon turun laaa g makan. setibanya aku at cafe bwh blok penthouse kitorang, mknn dh sampai and member2 aku tgh syok makan.. so aku pon ape lg.. makan la cepat2 sbb nk kejar pukul 9..

haaaa.. smlm agak sejuk.. so sempat aku g amik duvet and bantal aku duk mengadap TV. huhu.. haha semangat je aku kannn.. ūüėõ well nak buat macam mana.. aku dh spent almost 4 months watching every single concert aired so i didnt want to miss the finale. lantak la ape org nk kate.. hahhahaha… seriously, i think this season is way better compared to the previous one. altho i didnt like that one particular group in the finale, but what can i do.. layan je.. to be honest, i dont think Akasia deserves to be in the final in the first place.. that group didnt impress me at all since the beginning of the season. but i was pretty shocked to see D’Raz out of the competition, but Akasia stayed. hmm i thot D Raz did well and frankly speaking, better compared to Akasia.. tp what has been fated cannot be changed. so aku tried la to enjoy the show last nite and i did enjoy it actually…

One Nation Emcees


Hmm this is ma favourite group. aku and ali G memang ternanti2kan persembahan dr grup ni every week.. and to be honest, aku slalu rase tak puas hati kalau grup ni kene komen kaw2 dr pengkritik2… ok aku akui la.. mungkin sbb aku minat sgt grup ni smp aku tak nampak pon kelemahan dorg… tp they know better than me.. tp bagi aku la kan.. semua tu tak penting.. janji sedap didengar kat telinga aku and aku terhibur, so aku tak kisah pon pitching larik ke ape ke.. sbb aku ni tone-death gak.. ūüėõ tapi grup ni dr awal lagi mmg best la.. org kat mesia ni pon suka tgk dorg sbb dorg ade style dorg and they know their direction well. dorg ni super duper creative.. and very dilligent to come up with something fresh every week. well.. dorg ade a zaman kejatuhan dorg.. mungkin that time dorg nk experiment new direction, but the judges didnt like it… so luckily dorg managed to come back to their original direction.. and oh boy, last nite was awesome.. Mimie was fabulous and they sang songs yg kene ngn jiwa pengundi2.. 2 thumbs up for them. they controlled the crowd very well that people followed their actions as a sign that they enjoy the performance. and most importantly, they enjoy themselves on the stage, and it shows. penampilan Jeffrydin tu pon satu kejutan gak.. takde sape menyangka that they will invite him to sing along with them. it was a funny combination, but the blending was smooth and quite catchy. i cud see that the crowd also enjoyed that too… and from the beginning lagi aku dh jangka that this grup would go far and win the competition. surely, they won.. they gonna be rich man.. US$100K. that’s a lot of money + RM10K + Bali trip.. wahhh best! Well done guys.. We love ONE NATION EMCEES.. and MALAYSIA BOLEH!

D Reborn


Another fav of mine.. at the beginning of the show, i didnt quite like this grup because they had no definite direction. their early weeks were a bit too messy too handle with unsuitable song choices with some problems with the coordination of their vocals. Perhaps they were not warmed up yet and they still cudnt believe that they were one of the contestants. mungkin takut2 lagi kot time tu.. kene komen pon teruk2 especially in terms of their song choice and vocals. but after 4 concerts, they were pretty much warmed up that they started to be able to stunningly perform their abilities… they started to grab my attention since then. and i’ve enjoyed watching their performance week after week, and aku tak pernah puas untuk tengok dorg perform. best sgt! their harmonisation was superbly done. altho some people call them a bit sengau, but they sing well everytime really.. and semalam was their best! the solo (in grup) performance was extravagant tho they tried to play safe with a good song choice, i believe. taman rashidah utama. tak pernah terlintas pon yg dorg akan nyanyi lagu tu… but they did… i thot they were to sing famous indonesian songs, but i was wrong.. lagu rock kapak melayu jugak yg dorg pilih. altho some of the judges didnt like that, but i do.. and the audience were singing together with them. and that does prove something kannn..? in addition to that, featuring Dayang Nurfaizah in their performance was also a gud move. that lady is fabulous and she got no problem singing English song.. and the energy was unbelievable… they were able to control the performance to make them and Dayang as a group.. not that Dayang lead and they became the back up! awesome i wud say. but again, takde rezeki kot… sbb tu la tak menang…

Paragon Child


Ni grup from Phillipinnes yg ngetop skali.. dianggotai oleh 3 jejaka ensem yg mempunya mutu vokal yg sunguh mantap skali. they were able to curi the crowd since the beginning of Gangstarz lagi dengan menyanyi lagu Michael Bolton, Go the Distance. they sang that song so beautifully that i kept on listening to it for quite sometimes. They suprised the audience a lot thruout the competition. First, they sang “Sayang Sayang” song, sung by Aliff Aziz and i bet people were suprised by that. well, they showed us that they have worked hard to win the competition. it’s not easy to memorise foreign songs. but they did. they sang the song so beautifully with comprehensible dictions. thumbs up! that was not the one and only time they say malay song, but there were a few more after that. even in the concert last nite, they sang “Seribu Tahun” by Imran Ajmain and “Hi Hi Bye Bye” by Ezlynn. Nicely done, u guys. u did really well last nite, altho u didnt get as much stars as one nation emcees, but my friends and I did enjoy ur performances. Your vocals, OMG! Cairrrr (bak kate seseorg!)… ūüėõ



Trio from Phillipines yg sungguh hotz, seksi dan mempunyai mutu vokal yg amat bagus skali ya ibu2 dan bapak2 semua.. this grup isnt in my fav list, altho i did put them in the list of the finalists. This grup supposedly consists of 4 persons, but one of the member of that grup isnt female-like enuff altho the fact that she is a female. but what’s wrong with that..??? why she was being discriminated, when she got the look and nice vocal..? even tho she doesnt act like a female, but that does not mean that she imposes negative influences.. and i was really crossed at the beginning of the competition when the judges couldnt give any rational reasons of why she’s being disqualified from the group. she shud be given the chance to work together with the other ladies to show what they have.. anyway, this grup performed well last nite for the finale. the duet with Lah VE was awesome. they all have the voice to sing that beautiful song “ceritera cinta”.. the solo performance was really energetic with powerful vocals. however, the grup is a bit cliche as they sang the song as it is without much amendment and adjustment. so it wasnt that original when people are seeking for originality nwdays. besides that, because the 3 of them are vocally competent, they tried to overshadow one another by shooting as much high notes as they can. so there wasnt much of grup collaboration. but i cant deny that i enjoy seeing their performances since the beginning of the season. well, similar to Audi, im used to people shouting and screaming, so i dont mind if they do that a lot. i enjoy that really. 3.5 u deserve to be in final and u brought the best of u last nite. u shake that thang yea!!



I have nothing much to say about this grup really… not my favourite since the beginning. there’s nothing so special about ths grup despite the fact that they were called grup makcik2. maybe that kind of publicity makes them pretty much famous here in malaysia. seriously, they i didnt see anything remarkable from them so far. banyak gune air mata menagih simpati from the voters.. org pon kasi la undi simpati. seriously i was quite mad to see Akasia in the final, when i think d’raz is way better than them. last nite, just because they look pretty, sheikh haikal wasnt supposed to give them 5 stars for that. he’s not being professional. what if Akasia is a ugly male grup, wud they be given the same amount of stars. well, giving stars mostly for appearance is so unjustified. well, kalau org dilahirkan cantik, maka cantik la dia.. klu dh lahir hodoh, maka kurang la menyerlah dia tu. so mende ni takleh menjadi kayu ukur untuk di’rate’kan. so aku rase la kan, sheikh haikal wasnt being professional. tp i have to admit that during the final, Akasia showed some improvement laaa.. not very outstanding, but at least their effort shud be appreciated.



Hmm as usual i like syafinaz the most + mr. audi from the phillipines. ajai and sheikh haikal are easily get blinded by females, thus justify their actions of giving a lot of stars to Akasia. I cud see some biasness in giving starts to the contestants from both of the judges. but seriously, syafinaz was seriously serious in giving her comments. i like that attitude as she gave in depth overall review about their strengths and weaknesess rather that one or 2 lines of comment like ajai did., acted very proessional as the judge for the nite altho he was in the disadvantage of not knowing the contestants names and wide range of abilities. but, he took that positively by not being biased. his comments were also very constructive and easy to the ears. not so much of calling names, and emo2 stuff.


The show started of with De Lima. It was an OK performance because the pitching was quite out of places. a lot of shouting and they ran out of energy waaaayy too early and that was really sux man. but lucky they sang 2 very catchy and famous songs, ‘Buronan Cinta’ and ‘Cinta Separuh Masa’.. and the second performance was from Matta band.. fuhh… bergegar kot auditorium tu ble Matta started their performance. in short, they are superb.. mantap and ngetop nak mampos.. and the vocalist got the look and attitude yg org suka.. and i cud see everybody in the hall was dancing and jumping and singing like mad cows in madrid when the band played his famous number ‘Ketahuan’.. haha tu lagu karoke ku tuuuu.. wajib nyanyi lagu tu.. so last nite aku pon ikut skali menyanyi.. ūüėõ


Overall, aku suke sgt ngn Gangstarz musim 2 ni.. best!! suksesss suksessss!!


arghhh this headache is killing me…. sakit betul kepala aku ni.. tak pernah aku rasa sesakit ni in my whole life… dah 4 hari pening ni berlarutan… and it gets more painful everyday. i havent seek any medical advice yet so far, altho many of my friends asked me to. i’ve been going to the hospitals and clinics a lot these past 3 years, and i’ve consumed countless amount of pills and medicines. perhaps that’s the reason y i m not in the mood to see the doctor. im sick of em. but, if it worsen tomorrow, i’ll definitely gonna go. at first it was like a normal headache, tp makin lama makin teruk. a nite before last nite, i cudnt bear the pain that i cudnt do anything but to cry and pray to God to gv me strength to go thru this. i know that im not a gud muslim, but i cud still feel His love towards me that He made me sleep so soundly that nite. Eventho it was a short one, but i managed to go thru the nite without feeling any pain. TQ God. the next morning i woke up hoping that the pain wud go away, but it didnt. it was still there and got more serious than previously. tp aku kuatkan jugak a semangat aku yg tak berapa nak ada ni. tak payah nak susahkan pale hotak, so aku tekad takmo mebiarkan saki aku ni mempengaruhi kehidupan aku seharian.. aku buat mcm mende ni tak wujud je.. tp dlm hati aku tetap ade sedikit rasa bimbang. kot2 la aku bukan kene migraine biase, tapi lebih teruk dari tu.. hmm aku takmo la kene mende tu, tp klu dh ditakdirkan aku ada that big C, aku tatau la nk kate ape.. aku belum bersedia lagi.. terlalu banyak lagi benda kat dunia ni yg aku nk rasa and nak buat. buat masa skg ni, aku nk tengok cmne dulu. kalau sakit ni makin melarat, baru aku nk pegi cari doktor.

Hi all…

Muhaimin here, from the Liaison Team for the Post Practicum Week. Here I would like to announce a few important stuff that are required from you guys. Some of us might not read this post, but it would be better if you could pass this announcement at least to your practicum mates, and that wud be very helpful.

1. Tonite, at 10 pm, 15 August…. You guys can start choosing a topic to be presented during the post practicum week.

2. You have until 10pm on 17 August (Sun) to make your choice.

3. The list of topics will be posted in our YGroup, tonite…

4. “First come, first serve” basis

5. Each school will present 1 (one) topic and it’s compulsory

6. To register your topic, go to “polls” section in the YGroup —> email stating the email you registered with, the name of your school & the names of your group members.

7. Then, decide on the title of your presentation!!

Ok, that’s all for now. I am in d process of contacting each n every school to inform u guys about this… If u have any questions, feel free to text me or email me…..

Mucho Gracias…

p/s: Ok, I would like to have at least 1 rep from each school so that it wud be easier for me to contact you guys… do leave me your e-mail address and contact details. thanks..

Wan Muhaimin
Liaison Team of Post Practicum Week

Last nite, I attended the opening ceremony of the Bulan Kemerdekaan at my college. I had such a stressing week this week; with piles of work to do and me being sick the whole week. So, i thot by going there I might put my mind away from that for awhile. Plus, it as been a long time since the last time I hold my baby (my eos). And I did. I wasnt alone to give my support to the organiser who had been working so hard to make the ebent a success. I went there with a few friends of mine, with different reasons in mind. Whatever the reasons were, we actually enjoyed the show.. the performances were fab altho some of them are pretty new in performing arena. Thumbs up to them. I didnt stay there for long. I left the audi soon after Mdm. Satinah started to give her speech. Wanted to stay there longer, but I was too rimas seeing a few people I ‘hate’ were there under the same roof. I know I could have ignored them, but for some reason, i left. Neway, enjoy the pictures yea. Not that good. But, tolerable ūüėõ

Penutupanpembukaan 061

Penutupanpembukaan 055

Penutupanpembukaan 065

Penutupanpembukaan 067

Penutupanpembukaan 080

Penutupanpembukaan 099

Penutupanpembukaan 101

Penutupanpembukaan 106

Penutupanpembukaan 124

Penutupanpembukaan 134

Penutupanpembukaan 148


To be frank, Im not that sporty type of person previously. But after I entered this institution, i see the need for me to keep a healthy lifestyle. and since then, i started playing all sorts of sports, and i kinda enjoy it. It makes me stay fit and healthy. After I got back from overseas, my appetite increased a lot to a very alarming level. The first few months im back here, i ate at least 5 times a day of heavy meals. Nasi Lemak was my favourite. I started to gain weight quite tremendously. If before, my weight wouldnt even reach 60kgs. but after a few months being back in Malaysia, it can easily reach 70kgs. I saw that situation as something that needs a serious attention.

So i started joining the gym. Going to the gym wasnt something new to me, as I was a member of my college’s sports centre. Had a great deal in terms of my membership with California Fitness.. so i grabbed the chance and became the member. and the reason for me to join the gym was because i want to stay fit and be healthy. I dont want to be like some people who dont care about their health; eat like a pig, no workout, smoke, drink etc etc. I admit that i do some of the things i mentioned just now, but at least i do workouts (quite a lot of em) to compensate my bad behaviours (eating habits etc). i dont want to get buffy, but just to be in shape and fit. that would be enough for me.

I was quite mad with some people because they thought that I joined the gym because of peer presure… they kept on bithching about me. and what i did was, nothing. i did nothing but just keep it to myself. because i dont see the point of arguing with people who dont care about others’ opinions. even if i told them my real intention, they surely wouldnt want to listen. so instead of bazirkan air liur, might as well i just keep my mouth shut, and do what i think is the best for me. Yea, i might be wasting  my money when i can use the free gym in IPBA, but helllooooo.. dont u see the condition of that gym. too small with more broken equipments than the good ones. and i never see u go there. so stop bitching, and start doing. i m not regretting it, and i made a wise decision. i can feel that im getting fitter by days… and it worth my money.

So moral of the story… u do what u think gud for u. ignore some random blunt and envious remarks from some people. the reality of life, people like to bitch around almost about everything. we cant make them to shut their farken mouths. but what we can do is to remain calm and do whatever we think is the best for us. most of the times, we know ourselves better than them. and lead a healthy lifestyle. u can smoke and u can drink, but not too much and do compensate that with a healthy lifestlyles. and to those guys who gave me those blunt remarks, maybe u should stop bitching and start working out. if i can, u can too..