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Monthly Archives: December 2006

yeay… long awaited holiday has come.. and i am =
darn happy about this.. gonna have so much =
fun from now till 2 feb 2007.. this time =
around.. me is having my longest holiday ever since i =
came here in last feb… and i am so glad about this.. really =


hmm.. farewell party for seniors went well just now.. private =
dining room really makes everything so expensive.. so luxurious.. and =
i’ve enjoyed filling my hungry stomach to the max.. and i am darn full =
now.. 😛

but i do feel so bad la.. hmm.. because i did not really help =
much compared to other committee members yg dh bekerja keras for this.. =
hmm really really sorry guys.. besides my health yg tak berapa nk baik =
sangat kebelakangan ni, i dont really have any excuses..


<p>i hv become a 21 years old guy a few days back, 29 Nov 2006.. =
it feels so great to be able to stay alive and reach this stage of my =
life.. a stage where i am no more a teenager, but an adult.. it’s cool =
tho.. but as usual… birthday aniversary is not something that i really =
celebrate like hving party or whatsoeva.. there were times when people =
come to me and gv me presents for my birthday.. but i dont really give a =
damn about that tho.. </p>

<p>but i dont know why this year i was hoping for more.. in fact i =
was hoping for too much.. until at the end of the day.. me suffer.. and =
it is absolutely my fault la.. i was taught not to ask for any rewards =
for the good things i do.. but i dun know y i just forgot about that.. i =
was hoping that someone would give something back in return.. and now i =
know the consequences of it.. it hurts me so much when the things im =
hoping for, is no where near me..</p>

<p>but one thing for sure.. im glad that people remember my =
brthday eventho im not the kind of guy who likes to ‘jaja’ my birthday =
to people in class etc etc.. im not like that.. but many of my friends =
did wish me birthday.. and i was so touch to see so many people came to =
me, sms me, email me, called me, just to wish me birthday.. the feeling =
is undescribable, but one thing for sure, it feels so nice..</p>


<p>there are people who i hoped that they will at least wish me =
somethin did not turn up and wish me as i was hoping for.. i was a bit =
sad la sbb those are the people who i did/gv something during their =
birthdays.. at least, say something la kan.. mmg la tak baik mintak2 =
balasan ni.. but i was really hoping that they will at least wish me la =
kan.. especially ble i consider them as my good friends.. tapi takpe =
la.. some people just dont care.. </p>

<p>and ari ni pon sedih gak.. sbb we (my friends and i) are =
supposed to go for bowling today.. and suddenly they had to cancel it.. =
i was really in a very good mood early in the morning today sbb ingat =
bole pegi bowling ari ni, but after i received ‘the sms’ i was so down =
to the extent of ‘crying’ i wud say.. but of course i didnt cry.. but it =
trully hurts me inside.. bukan sebab ape pon.. i thot i at least cud =
celebrate my happy day there.. enjoy2 before start ngn academic stuff yg =
aku akan extremely bz for weeks.. harapan tinggai harapan je la.. nk =
buat cmne… </p>

<p>now, aku pon tatau ape aku rase..sedih ade.. heppi pon ade.. tp =
aku mcm ni je la kan.. takde yg istimewa pon.. idup dull.. takdak =
kawan… kalau ade kawan pon dorg kawan ngn aku hipokrit je.. depan =
bukan main baik esp ble nk mintak tolong.. tp kat belakang cm cibai =
perangai kutuk2.. aku tau tu seme tp aku takmo burukkan keadaan kan.. so =
aku diam diri je la. baru2 ni pon aku ade dgr cite yg tak best la pasal =
ape yg korg ckp pasal aku. aku sedih, tp aku buat tak kisah je… kate =
la ape2 yg korg nk ckp pasai aku.. suke hati korg la yeee…</p>

<p>neway.. im 21 now.. i shud be wiser to handle this kind of =
situation.. i hope i will….</p>