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Monthly Archives: March 2006

im having ths guilty feeling of uttering ths phrase tho.. but u =
see, i cudnt help me from sayin’ it.. it was so hard for me to forget =
the things she had done to me at my back.. one question always lingers =
in ma mind.. y me? of all the people in ths world, y me..? but i never =
have the answer.. and it seems like she knows the answer very well, when =
she put a status “treat others like what u want them to treat =
u”.. hey girl.. i think it goes back to u in the end =
tho.. and u shud realize it..

well i never thot this kind of thing wud happen here, in =
plymouth.. away from ipba’s surroundings, full of gossips n shits… but =
still, it happens..

i was damned so pissed off when she stabbed me so hard at my =
back.. but in front of me, she is so nice.. maybe she hv spent a =
semester learning how to be a good pretender.. and i bet she gonna get =
an A++ for that.. she deserves it u see.. a real pretender.. =
well done!!

Eventho she asked me to treat others as what i want them to =
treat me, in so indirect way.. but i know.. she meant it for me.. and i =
was laughing like mad cow.. everytime she came up with ‘silly’ status =
for her YM.. haha.. it brings hell out of me tho..

She shud b lucky becoz i never talk bad about her and tell =
people all about her bad behaviours.. but then again, how cud she say =
bad things about me and share it to the whole world..??! and how cud she =
asked me to change?!! when she, herself, is d one who r supposed to =
change in the first place..??! she thot she is the ‘bestest’ and =
‘coolest’ girl.. she aint one.. cool girl doesnt bother to backstab =
people and pretending to be so nice..

it aint my fault for participating in lots of performances for =
malaysian nite.. it aint my fault to b chosen as one of the emcees.. it =
aint my fault.. to think again, i am not so interested to get involved =
in those things.. u see.. i am not dancing-type of guy.. i dun know how =
to dance.. and i dun like dancing.. realistically thinking, why on earth =
do i have to suffer in learning n remembering those crap movements n =
steps? why on earth do i have to trouble myself..? then again, she bever =
thot of that tho, all she knew is to spread to d whole world that im =
showing off.. and put other people down… underestimate =
others.. for god sake.. for what!!!

i dun want to talk about that ‘lil girl’ tho.. its not worth =
talking about.. she deserves to b treat ed like that tho.. if she ever =
realize the fact that she is hated by most of us here, she will not do =
this kind of stuff to me.. unfortunately, she blocked all of her =
senses.. in a sense that she chose to stick to her own opinion without =
considering others’..


currently im listening to lemas by =
ruffedge.. my favourite song before i flew off to uk.. and still one of =
my favourite.. i kinda like this song mostly because the song itself got =
a very nice melody.. and another reason for this is becoz it has =
somethng to do with my life.. very meaningful to me.. i used to =
esperienced it.. but now, i am no more interested to get myself in =
trouble just becoz of that ‘unsure’ thing called love.. no one shud =
expect anything out of it.. it might turn out to be so well or =
otherwise.. and please make sure u r readu for it, before u try it.. =
otherwise u gonna suffer in the end.. just like what happend to me.. =
well i kinda regret of experiencing it.. and it hurts me so much.. =
especially when d person keeps on controlling ur life, not giving a =
chance for u to decide in anything.. and i tell u.. it sux.. really =
really sux.. it makes u feel so bad.. loosing urself to someone else.. =
someone that has nothing to do with ur life..
annoying aint it..? well.. that what happend =
to me before.. and now… im no longer interested to get involved in the =
game of love.. i will not.. i was born to b a winner, but in ths game.. =
i m always the loser.. i dun wan to be a loser.. i want to be a =
enuff said…
Lemas ku dalam =
dakapan mu
Tidak ku sangka kau begitu
Inikah =
lumrah orang bercinta
Tiada ruang nafasnya

Lemas ku dalam pelukan mu
Tidak ku perlu kau =
Inikah ertinya bercinta
Berikan ruang agar =
ku selesa

Memang dia orangnya
Mula =
memangnya sempurna
Tiada yang buruk darinya
Bahagia sentiasa di rasa

Tapi kini dah =
Yang indah jadi derita
Aku resah =
Yang tinggal hanyalah sakit dan peritnya

Kini aku mula sedari apa yang telah terjadi
Diriku dibebani bayangmu
Tapi tu semua dulu memang ku =
tidak mahu
Teruskan percintaan ini bersamamu

(Ulang korus)

Bukanku =
benci kepadamu
Bukanku benci oh watakmu
Percayalah =
kataku, aku rimas, aku lemas
Bukanku benci cemburumu
Bukanku benci kau ekoriku
Percayalah kataku, aku rimas, =
aku lemas

Kini aku sedari apa yang telah =
Diriku dibebani bayangmu
Tapi tu semua =
dulu memang ku tidak mahu
Teruskan percintaan ini =

(Ulang korus)

Katakan apa yang harus aku lakukan
Agar kau =

(Ulang korus 2x)