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Monthly Archives: February 2006

…brunch while listening to ERA… =

there are so much to do this weekend.. and again.. a =
part-timer-procrastinator like me always find it hard to start working.. =
especially when it comes to writing my assignments.. some say it’s =
normal to have writers’ block.. but i aint a writer.. im a student.. and =
a students dont have students’ block tho.. hehe..

this weekend i have to start doing my daily reflection, =
reader’s log, my first assignmnets and lots of other stuff.. and luckily =
i did my house-keeping yesterday.. so, today.. i just need to focus on =
my study.. huhu..


suddenly my friends reminded me about this ABP thingy on ERA.. =
arhhh… y la… i need a break ok.. but then again.. i need some =
entertainment from Malaysia.. miss Malaysia so much.. haha.. so.. while =
reading d materials for my assignment, im listening to era… haha… =
and actually i am having my brunch at this very moment…


just came back from dartmoor tour.. i guess i was a bit unlucky =
today.. coz the misty condition wouldnt allow me to see the serene and =
picturesque views of dartmoor.. it was windy and misty.. covered by =
fog.. ahh.. i really hate it so much… well.. nevermind.. i’ll come =
back later on.. especially when summer comes.. more pictures will be =
available.. but u have to wait a little longer.. hehe..

and as usual.. it was cold out there in dartmoor.. colder than =
in my college.. some of us even caught flu… luckilly i didnt get it.. =
otherwise i hv to suffer more and more..

after a visit to a bridge.. built before d existence of any =
roads there in dartmoor.. it was build by monks to enable them to go to =
d other part of dartmoor for their missionary activities.. and it was =
built without using a single nail.. and of course la.. coz it was build =
using stones… no need for nails one.. hehe..

and i did visit the visitor place where everything about =
dartmoor available there.. there r 2 legends of dartmoor actually.. =
something to do with ugly creatures.. it was once believed that these =
creatures existed and lived in dartmoor area.. scary tho.. haha.. =
snapped some pictures wearing mask of those scary creatures tho.. and =
then loiter around d area for a while before going to somewhere that i =
can fill my hungry stomach..

then i went to a restaurant.. to get my famous cream teas.. and =
it is not like any ordinary tea, and it has nothing to do with tea tho.. =
actually.. cream teas is a famous food in UK.. it is actually made of =
scorns.. with some jems.. and some cream.. and it is o nice.. it tastes =
great.. the thicken d cream, d better it tastes.. and it is served with =
a cup of tea.. and i enjoyed the meals so much, eventho it costs me =
3.30pounds.. hehe.. it was great..

then we went back to Marjon.. but im very sure that i will come =
back to Dartmoor again.. maybe this summer… so that i can have picnic =
and snap some more nice photos for me and for u guyzz…

saturday, 9.31pm..

today got nothing much to do.. really.. i thot today supposed =
to b a day for me to relax my butt after a week working so hard to =
adjust with almost everything.. and to settle down.. but i was wrong.. =
nothing much for me to do tho.. and it hurts me so much, whenever =
boredom struck me.. arghh..

to be frank, today i’ve been checking my e-mail every now and =
then.. hopin that people will keep on sending me messages.. and i was a =
bit lucky tho.. coz my fren didnt dissapoint me tho.. they did sent me =
some comments on my myspace and friendster.. so happy.. but most of the =
time, i felt so bored.. so i went to sleep this afternoon.. woke up at =
6.30pm.. nothing much to do.. so, just hang around in ma room… tidy up =
a bit.. and prepare myself to pray.. and then online again..

around 8.30pm.. i was so hungry.. so i went to d kitchen to =
prepare me some food.. hehe.. i am not a good cook.. but i know how to =
cook to survive.. hehe.. been taught some survival skills since i was a =
little boy… and my mum did give me some recipes.. thanks mom.. at =
last, i am able to use those…after almost 20 minutes cooking in d =
kitchen.. my food was ready to be eaten.. and here is d picture of it.. =
hope u enjoy it as much i enjoyed eating it just now.. hehe