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Monthly Archives: September 2005

huhu..the caption sounds to be so jiwaang.. actually i am =
listening to il divo, everytime i look at you.. my friend suggested me =
to try to listen to il divo.. hmm she even lent me her cd.. just to make =
me listen to her favourite vocal group at this moment.. huhu.. whateva =
la ma friend.. as long as i have something to listen to..

what can i say about il divo..? hmm.. nothing much to say coz i =
dun really like this group that much.. they have some nice songs like =
regresa A Mi (Unbreak my heart).. and also everytime i look at you.. =
these 2 songs are the best… and i really enjoy listening to it.. this =
is only ma personal opinion.. everybody have their own opinion rite..? =
and we have to respect of what they think and perceive something.. =

well… lets talk something about the subject.. hehe.. wheneva =
i look at you…

actually i love to spend ma free time loitering around at =
midvalley megamall.. or boarding the putra lrt to anywhere.. sometimes i =
just sit on the bench, and observe people.. observe the way they walk.. =
their sense of fashion.. their relationship.. their facial expressions, =
their body movements and stuff like that.. just because i dun have much =
work to do.. actually, we can identify their personality through these =
non verbal communication… and sometimes it is true.. but sometimes, =
their actions deceived me.. and one thing for sure, dont judge book by =
its cover.. and dun judge people by their appearance.. huhu.. and i love =
to look at peope and i will always look at them..

and to be honest.. i love to look at some people that i know.. =
they might not know that i am admiring them so much.. they just =
attracted me to look at them more and more.. they have something that i =
dun have inside of them.. their actions talk louder than their words.. =
sometimes, people talk louder than their actions.. and i hate this kind =
of person… they seems to be hunger of attention.. and i have some =
friends who are always seeking for attention. i dun know whether they =
are desperate or what.. they talk a lot, but done nothing.. even in =
class or lecture, they just beating around the bush.. talking nonsense.. =
just to get the attention from the lecturer and fellow classmates.. but, =
they dun know that they are humiliating themselves.. people will not =
respect these kind of person.. gosh.. no attention-seeker please… =
huhu.. but, wheneva i look at these two person i adore so much.. i feel =
happy.. i dun know y.. but they just make me happy.. even if they just =
smile at me.. it means something to me.. a heavenly light.. muahahaha.. =