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Monthly Archives: August 2005


aku dh lame tak update blog aku.. hehe.. maybe busy sket kot.. =
tapi smlm br je terase alive sikit abb dah abes forum yang really =
memenatkan.. tapi smlm cm best jugak la buat forum tue.. tak la teruk =
sangat.. agak membanggakan jugakla walaupun praktis kul 11pm ari sebelum =
semalam.. kire cm terer gak la.. huhu

semalam ade incident yang agak parah jugak la.. aku pun tak =
pasti kenape isu tu timbul, tapi maybe sebab misunderstanding, and also =
power-craze by certain people which i dun want to reveal.. =

bende tu kecik je.. tapi diperbesar2kan oleh certain people =
yang tak sepatutnye terlibat dalam hal tu.. tapi kenape nak masuk =
campur..? tak boleh ke kalau discuss ngan orang yang bertanggungjawab. =
nie panggil meeting satu cohort just to discuss about the thing which is =
not confirm yet.. why?

Actually, that thing is a proposal of having an appreciation =
nite to collect some money for our annual dinner. but, the problem is, =
when the person who proposed this nite asking for volunteer to handle d =
nite, nobody came.. and in d end, making noise at d back.. why? we r =
supposed to know each other rite..? and we are not supposed to blame =
anybody of things which are not certain, rite? then why this kind of =
conflict still arise when we have been known each other for more than 2 =
years.. i just dun want to think about it.. the more i think, the more i =
live in pressure.

hmm.. actually i got nothing to do with the nite and stuff… =
when people asked for volunteer, i volunteered myself to be one. and i =
just keep that thing quiet to myself because i know that i am able to =
help and to cooperate.. and i kinda like to have that kind of nite since =
it is supposed to be our nite, to show what we can do, to let people =
appreciate us as a cohort which always helps IPBA in anything and almost =

i believe that this conflict will not arise if our cohort =
listen to the proposal given by hilmi and ijat during the assembly.. =
but, people do hear, but they dont listen.. masuk telinga kanan, keluar =
telinga kiri.. and this is the cause of the conflict to arise.. =

kenapa nak bangkitkan isu nak buat after exam or before exam..? =
i think, kalau tanya budak tadika pun diorg leg rationalize.. ape aim =
appreciation week tu..? kite nak collect dana for our annual dinner… =
various activities can be carried out as mention by ijat in d first =
place.. kite leh buat appreciation day, bagi hadiah macam friendship =
day.. then kite leh collect some money… cube bayangkan kalau kite buat =
mende tu lepas cuti.. sape yang nak beli hadiah2.. sape yang nak g =
tengok konsert tu..? sape.. cube cakap..? takde org yang nak tengok =
pun.. at least, kalau kite buat before exam, ade la jugak org yang nak =
tgk.. and leh la jugak buat certain activities yang leh tambah =

tapi maybe la golongan yang bijak2 nie bising2.. nape diorg nak =
bising2.. ooo.. takut takde mase ke..? hek eleh.. kalau seme org =
bersatu, everything can go on la.. come on guys, maybe la for u time is =
golden.. too precious to be spent to something not benificial to u.. =
wasting.. tapi kalau selame nie diorg leh je buat mende last minit, =
takkan kali nie takleh kot.. even kalau korg spend mase nak study, are u =
sure u will use that time accordingly..? humm.. i dont think =

sebenarnye, kalau seme org gune otak n gune mulut, takde la =
bende nie nak jadi macam nie..

and sori.. kalau ader sape2 yang tersinggung sbb aku kuar gitu =
je semalam.. aku ngaku aku bersalah.. so, what..? when people dun want =
to listen to u, u better dont listen to him, u hit me, i hit u harder.. =
u now what im sayin’..?