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Monthly Archives: May 2005



It has been awhile i am away from internet connection.. today i manage =
to be online after 3 days having my final semester exam.. i finished =
answering my Competency in Malay Language paper, Linguistics paper, and =
today i did my Human Development paper.. pretty tough thhough.. but i =
think i will pass.. just pass not with flying colours or whatsoever.. =
tomorrow i have another paper to answer which is the Philosophy of =
Malaysian Education.. the most boring paper ever.. huh… And.. I am =
going away from internet for 5 days for my Biro Tata Negara.. which will =
be held in Pusat Latihan KERIS, Ayer Keroh, Melaka.. we all were briefed =
about the program and we are all excited and cant wait to go there.. it =
has been awhile since the last time i did outdoor activities.. cant wait =
for tomorrow..